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The Power Of Zeolite

Advanced products and applications of nature’s best mineral – Natural Zeolite.

Powering a better, healthier and cleaner world by utilizing nature’s best asset – Zeolite.


zeolite, from the Greek ζέω (zéō), meaning “to boil” and λίθος (líthos), meaning “stone”.

Natural Zeolite is one of the most versatile and promising products nature has to offer. With it’s microporous structure, it can absorb heavy metals, water and even toxins, and works greatly as slow-release for moisture. The use cases are vast, from improving digestion in animals and humans alike, through air and water filtration to utilization in agriculture. Our in-house developed modifications and activations truly unlock all of Zeolite’s potential.

Naturally absorbent,
micro-sponge structured catalysts.

Our Products

Smell Filtration

ZeoFILTER, our flagship product works on a blend of activated natural zeolite and other functional minerals to eliminate strong smells, from agriculture to gastronomy. Unlock a better-smelling world, today.

Animal Feed

ZeoFEED not only aids digestion and growth but also supports the Non-Protein Nitrogen to Ammonia and amino acid conversion. Step into the future of Animal Health & Feeding.

Soil Conditioning

ZeoGROUND aids in the reduction of smell in agriculture and farming and utilizes its water-binding capacity and nitrogen fixation for next-generation, completely organic farms.

Research & Development
is what we do.

In addition to the production and distribution of natural zeolite products, ZeoComplex is proud to power one of the leading Research & Development programs of natural zeolite and its applications. Co-funded by the European Union, our first major study will be published in early 2022.


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From research of different fractions to modifications for various use cases, we do it all.

“The difference  ZeoFEED has made for my cattle is huge”

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